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Which Intel Processor (i.e. does it really matter for laptop?)

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Hi all:

My oldish Dell laptop has bit the dust and I need to replace it (and I've decided to continue in the PC world, for a variety of reasons). I have been going back and forth between laptops (either Toshiba or Asus) with either Intel i5 or i7 processors, without knowing if I would know a difference for streaming music or ripping/playing (using J River Media Center). I can realize about $200 savings by having the i5, but I do not want to compromise, if it will make a difference. Both machine sets have 4Gb memory, 320Gb or 500Gb (but I have an external HD so disc space is not critical), and adequate USB ports. So what do you suggest - would the faster quad speed chip make a difference? My PC system consists of to Wavelength Proton, via Transparent Audio USB (15ft), into my Shindo/DeVore system.

Thanks for your opinions...



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Hi JonDKaufman - That's a tougher question to answer than it may seem. There are different versions of the i5 and i7. I would probably get the i5 without knowing much more about the specific processors in your proposed system. Here is a link to an i5 v. i7 comparison.






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The article is very good... I think that the i5 sounds appropriate for our purposes, i.e., non-graphic intensive or need for multi-task. Toshiba is running a direct special on an i5 model (A500-st5607, they have similar model with faster HD and i7-720QM for a bit more): details include Intel® Core™ i5-430M processor, which was referenced in the comments section, without definitive statement of yes/no...


- Jonathan


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