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Moving from Mac to PC

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I have been using iTunes (on iMac) to a Benchmark DAC-1 for the last two years, but some changes (Windows Media Center though it will be rare use) and a general desire to upgrade has me thinking about moving to a headless Windows 7 box. The AIFF files reside on a second computer and will be accessed via wired network.


The CAPS article was very interesting and the Lynx EAS16(e) seems to be the way to go. I will want a faster processor and that means going with the A-Tech Mini-Client 2500 http://www.atechfabrication.com/products/mini_client_2500.htm which can passively cool an E8400 (though I hope they come with a version for the i3 530 as soon as Intel releases the mini ITX board). Is there any issues with this choice other than the higher cost?


Playback software is a little harder since remote control is essential with a headless unit. I really like the iTunes remote and was considering getting an iPad. You recommend J River 14 but it looks as if the iPod remote application is crippled because of missing parts in the server API. Do I lose anything going for MediaMonkey where you can use the actual Apple remote application? I am like most of us a "bit" paranoid.


(rest of system: Oppo BD83 also into Benchmark, Pass Aleph 30, Quad 2805)


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Hi mozartrules - The system you're looking at should work just fine. Remote controls are constantly evolving. Right now I am using an iPhone app called PlugPlayer v3. It uses UPnP/DLNA to control J River Media Center. Control isn't perfect but it's getting better at a rapid pace.


You should be able to use MediaMonkey without issue.


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