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NOOB to PC audiophile FAQ/DOC


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Hello Everyone,


I just found this site through another online forum, which I was search on information for audiophile for the computer. Mostly I have been in the AV world, but am now opening up to the audiophile world. Off course on a lower end scale or at least until I've done my homework.


With that said, can anyone direct me to a noob documen, whitepaper, FAQ on the subject?




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Check out the articles in the CA Academy (link on the left) for an overview. They're listed with most recent articles at the top, so you may want to start at the last page and work forward. Those articles cover how to rip your music, store it on your computer, and send it wirelessly around the house at the best quality possible. There are also forums on this site for equipment if that's what you're looking for. Welcome and enjoy the journey!


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