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Emerald Physics

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Scot, if you can't get enough of a response here on CA there are quite a few posts over at Audiocircle from people who have owned the EP speakers and switched, as well as current owners, including speakers they compared them to. Keep in mind EP is on their second generation.


I haven't owned the Emerald Physics (EP) speakers, but am very familiar with their design and am friends with various people who have owned them. After a long investigation and process of auditioning a vast array of speakers from Magico, Rockport, Avalon, Verity, Wilson and others, I sold my Dynaudio Evidence speakers and bought a pair of Geddes Abbey speakers.


The Geddes speakers, like the EP speakers, are based on a Controlled or Constant Directivity (CD) design. I don't have a financial interest in Geddes, EP or any other vendor...I'm just a hard core audiophile who was seeking the most accurate, true to the live mic feed, speaker I could find.


Dr. Geddes has an excellent white paper on CD speaker design vs conventional omni-directional designs at http://www.gedlee.com/. Might be worth a read.


For me, having made the switch to the CD speaker design, I don't see myself ever going back. The weird thing is that my Dynaudio speakers were around $70K and my Geddes were $3.2K! Just goes to show you that more expensive is not a guarantee for better sound.


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Yeah, there are tons of fan-boy type responses, but these are really hard to sort through for anything resembling an attempt at being objective. The sheer amount of hyperbole around these speakers is enough to make you go "hmmm". But, perhaps there's a grain of some truth in there ....


As for the Geddes -- I can honestly say, I have never heard of them. I take it that these speakers are meant to be as perfect as possible on and off axis, no (or did I read that wrong)? The question is, how does the Summa sound? Seems pretty interesting, esp given that the rest of your kit is superlative.


BTW, why the Rythmik Servos, and not, say, a Velodyne? Just curious.


Thanks for the tip, btw. Love to hear those Summas some time ....


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I just thought you would like to know that I believe you helped me find my next speakers. I have read a number of your comments on various topics, liked what you had to say, and one day briefly scanned your equipment list and noticed "Geddes Abbey High Eff Speakers" in your signature line. I recognized the rest of your equipment but didn't recognize your speakers so I googled them. Well, Alice, I definitely fell down the rabbit hole. I emailed Earl and will be making a visit to Michigan in the next couple of months.


My path to this point has been a long one as I have been auditioning speakers for almost two years in my search to find a speaker that would be equally as effective for movies as for music. I currently own Manger speakers and like yourself have auditioned many different speakers. At some point during my search I realized that any such speaker would have to be highly efficient and then someone in this forum suggested Emerald Physics so I auditioned them while at RMAF last fall. I liked the efficiency and the concept of controlled directivity but they lacked the liquid musicality of Salk speakers or Ambience ribbons. After searching for your speakers, and corresponding with Earl I also had some feedback from a Salk owner whose opinion I respect who had also made the switch to Geddes Abbey's. That sealed it for me. So, thank you.


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I currently own both CS2.3s and CS2s. The 2.3s serve duty as my fronts and my plan is to use the 2s as rears in a home theater setup when EP launches their center channel. I spoke with Clayton last week and he mentioned that the design is close to being finished.


My previous speakers were Thiel CS1.6s (I must have a thing for speaker models beginning with "CS") and prior to that I ran Meridian DSP5000s. The EPs better these speakers in all areas.


I'm very pleased with the EPs. I feel the 2.3s take the format to a higher level, with improved midrange and bass. Both EP models image like nothing I've heard, and their soundstage is wide and deep. I've seem people complain about the Behringer unit's digital processing but I don't have an issue. . .I think they sound great.


I'm sure there are better speakers out there but they're probably 3-4 times the price. I've never heard of Geddes before. . .


HTH. . .




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Yes, it is always difficult to sort through the various raves and pans of audio equipment - totally agree. So many variables come into play - the room, overall audio chain (i.e. source, cables, amplifiers, etc.) and one's subjective bias.


Yes, the Geddes speakers have been designed to have a flat on and off axis frequency response. They are a two way sealed box design. The tweeter is a compression driver mated to a custom designed 12" waveguide which uses a patented foam plug to substantially eliminate any audible diffraction issues. The woofer is a 12" pro-woofer. One toes the speakers in such that they cross 1-2' in front of the listener. They are 95db efficient and flat down to 50hz where they roll off at 12db/octave...thus the need for subs for the LF.


Since they are controlled directivity vs omnidirectional, these speakers have substantially less early room reflection issues which coupled with a flat on and off axis frequency response gives one a very accurate, neutral sound. The really big difference to my ears compared to just about every other speaker I've heard is the high frequency and midrange sound much more true to live music.


The EP speakers use an off the shelf coax driver where the woofer cone also serves as the waveguide for the tweeter (i.e. compression driver)...and they use open baffle woofers for the LF....and they use an active cross-over. Of course, this is just conjecture on my part, but I suspect the raves for the EP speakers are largely driven by the tweeter - i.e. the compression driver mated to the woofer waveguide. IMHO once you hear this type of design just about every other soft cone tweeter sounds colored and compressed.


I chose the Rythmik servo subs vs the Velodyne largely based on friends who had compared both and preferred the Rythmik. Certainly compared to my REL subs which I had before I really like the servo-based design. One other point I'd make about LF performance - my experience is that to get flat LF response in most real-world rooms you need several small subs located assymetrically to smooth out room modes.


The Summa's are Geddes' 15" speaker - my Abbey's are 12" and get about 90% of the performance of the Summa's. For my current room the Summa's would just be too big.




Mac Mini / Pure Music > Firewire & USB > Metric Halo LIO-8 > Hypex NCORE 400 > Geddes Abbey Speakers > Rythmik Servo & Geddes Band Pass Subs // DH Labs Cables, HRS MXR Isolation Rack, PurePower 2000, Elgar 6006B

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av_passion, thank you for your kind comments. I am in debt to a couple of fellow audiophiles who turned me on to the Geddes speakers so if I have been able to return the favor I am thrilled.


I hope you enjoy your visit to Earl's place - make sure he plays that Live Cream Concert DVD for you! I will look forward to your post on your impressions.


Mac Mini / Pure Music > Firewire & USB > Metric Halo LIO-8 > Hypex NCORE 400 > Geddes Abbey Speakers > Rythmik Servo & Geddes Band Pass Subs // DH Labs Cables, HRS MXR Isolation Rack, PurePower 2000, Elgar 6006B

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