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Wadia 12 DAc, good enough ?

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Hello everyone out there ;-),


I am currently in the process of building an hifi computer, and am currently hesitating between two solutions:


1) Buying a top soundcard, like lynx 2

2) using the spdif out of any low budget soundcard and hook it up to a Dac.


Therefore, my questions:


1) which solution (highend souncard or highend Dac) do you think would bring me the best sound ?

2) Currently, i am having an interesting opportunity on a Wadia 12 Dac, and i must say that i am quite tempted. But i am hesitating, because, if i choose to go for the dac solution, i was thinking of buying something like a used Audiomat Tempo 2,5 later (for budget reasons). So my question: Do you think that the wadia 12 (despite its age) will sound as goog as an Audiomat Tempo 2.5 ? Or should i wait until i have the extra bucks and go for the Audiomat ?


Thanks in advance.






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The Wadia 12 is really not that good. I compared it to the Wadia 26. The Wadia 25 or 26 are way better (I had them both).


linux musicserver, jeff rowland aeris da, jeff rowland coherence series II, pass x250.5, audio physic caldera mkII & acoustat spectra 22 & Genelec 8050

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