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Wadia 12 DAc, good enough ?

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Hello everyone out there ;-),


I am currently in the process of building an hifi computer, and am currently hesitating between two solutions:


1) Buying a top soundcard, like lynx 2

2) using the spdif out of any low budget soundcard and hook it up to a Dac.


Therefore, my questions:


1) which solution (highend souncard or highend Dac) do you think would bring me the best sound ?

2) Currently, i am having an interesting opportunity on a Wadia 12 Dac, and i must say that i am quite tempted. But i am hesitating, because, if i choose to go for the dac solution, i was thinking of buying something like a used Audiomat Tempo 2,5 later (for budget reasons). So my question: Do you think that the wadia 12 (despite its age) will sound as goog as an Audiomat Tempo 2.5 ? Or should i wait until i have the extra bucks and go for the Audiomat ?


Thanks in advance.






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