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HD Tracks - not HD?

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I recently downloaded 2 albums (Robert Plant/Buddy Guy) from HD Tracks that were in the Hi-Res store section of the site. These were badged as 24/96 quality but I see from my Berkeley Alpha DAC that they are in fact just standard 16/44 i.e. CD quality.


As I already have both albums on CD I am somewhat disappointed. Has anyone else had similar problems?


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Hi Chris,

I am using Windows XP. I have been downloading Hi-Res files from other sites and I think these are all working fine - I can see the blue HDCD light and also if I check the dispaly it shows 96 or higher etc. I also noticed that the files I downloaded were the same size as the CD's - I expected them to be larger.


I am new to Computer audio so you may well be right that this is pilot error. The other Hi-Res files I have downloaded are really good - for instance the sample files that came from Ref recordings.


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Hi !


I was just checking for new titles on HDtracks and also checked for your mentioned albums.


Buddy Guy - I could find only three albums - NONE is Hi-Res just red-book.


Robert Plant - only one title: Rising Sand in both 24/96 (hi-res) and red-book.


It looks you just overlooked and bought the red-book ?






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I agree 100% with WATERLOGIC.


Since I’m a fan of Buddy Guy, I just downloaded two albums from the Hi-Res Store at HDtracks. Both albums, “Alone And Acoustic” and “Stone Crazy!” by Buddy Guy downloaded in the Redbook standard.


Even though the non-96/24 albums by Buddy Guy were displayed in the Hi-Res Store, they did not have the “Audiophile 96/24 FLAC” recording badge in red letters above the album title. Raising Sand by Robert Plant does have the “Audiophile 96/24 FLAC” badge.


Regardless of the format, there are some very cool tunes on the Buddy Guy albums...


Best regards,




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confirm that "Raising Sand" is indeed 24/96. I downloaded it and converted to aiff using MAX.


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