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Prodipe Pro 8 Ribbons Active Monitors

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At USD399 a pair there isn't a lot not to like about these speakers.


Bought as an alternative to Akimate/AudioEngine5's. Much more than either: 2 x 75watt amps per side and separate active XO's, 8 inch woofer and 2 inch ribbon tweeter crossed at 2.2Hz - Lintzwitz/Reilly 4th Order I think.


XLR/TRS/RCA connections. 30db gain control. Play LOUD if you want them too.


Ribbons are the best feature.


Front ported bass in bass reflex design. Which is fairly horrid but then I am biased about any ported bass. Still if you must port bass then the front is the place to have it.


-1.5db to 45 and useful extension to around 40 ( I think -3db).


Smooth non aggressive sound. Lots of details. Benefit from having active XO. Actually what speaker doesn't? Image well. 4th row type presentation: not in the least in your face. Dynamic (well they would be wouldn't they).


They aren't small. Need good support - I have mine on smooth cut limestone blocks (which BTW make good $30 speaker stands once sealed - very heavy though - around 120lbs each)


They aren't just for "near field" listening. I sit 3m from mine.


Typical pro stuff - functional not pretty. I run TRS from an 0404 (which is abit of a dog of a dac but has some useful features - and is ridiculously cheap -improves with the HiFace feeding it).


Will test with a Lavry Da10 shortly - the weak link here is the Emu not the speakers.


Anywho worth a lookie if you are on the hunt a cheap set of active monitors that sound half decent.


Best Wishes


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