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Mac Mini with Apple TV


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My first post - sorry if its well trodden ground. I would like to set up a music server thru a mac mini and a home theater system using Apple tv. I want to keep them separate because I have two systems in my basement (separate Pre-amps and Amps for HT and Music). The two systems share the large floor standing speakers - I just switch by inserting either HT or music speaker cables.


Right now I am playing my ipod thru a Wadia transport into a Music hall DAC, which is ok but nothing like when I spin a CD thru my system. I have a wireless router in a nearby room so how can I hook up a NAS (something like a WD My Book 1 TB) to my router and also the Apple tv and Mac Mini? I know that the Apple tv and mac mini could be operated wirelessly but I would like to use ethernet cables to get a more reliable connection. The NAS would have iTunes on it.


Eventually I will upgrade my DAC but first I wanted to get the mini, NAS, and Apple TV going.





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