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A basic question about XLD


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I just got XLD up and running on my Mac Mini. Is there a way to set more than one output directory for the aiff files it creates?


I have two 1TB external drives; one attached to the Mini via firewire, the other plugged into the USB port of an Airport Extreme attached via ethernet to my home network. I would like the same content on both disks and it would be nice if that happened automatically when I rip via XLD.


If I can't do it that way, I'll probably rip to the directly attached drive and set up Carbon Copy Cloner to automatically back that one up to the one on the network.


Advice appreciated,



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I didn't find a way to do it with XLD. Instead, I made a single destination folder on the firewire connected drive, then used Automator to send it from that folder to the 2 destinations I was originally hoping for. If the network drive is not connected the files just stay in the original destination and I transfer them when it gets re-connected. I haven't been using this solution for long, but it seems to work fine.


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