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Windows OS and MediaMonkey configuration doucment prepared by Chris for use with a USB DAC; Prepared for HDtracks

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I have emailed HDtracks for info on the configuration doucument you prepared for use of Windows OS, MediaMonkey and a USB DAC. I have gotten no response. Can you or any other failful readers help me with this. My Ayre QB-9 should be here any day now. Thank You Russ Reed.


HP laptop;Windows 7; JRiver Media Center 18, WASAPI Event-Style; Transparent USB cable, one meter; Ayre QB-9 asynchronous USB DAC; Sony 6400ES AV Reciever, analog direct; generic copper speaker wires; Bowers & Wilkins 683\'s; all stock power cables; Android Gizmo remote

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Excellent download sampler! Downloading the files now.


The Steve Guttenberg quote on the first page of the liner notes: "Available in high resolution 16 bit/44.1 sampling rate flac files" - I wouldn't call this "high resolution"! 16/44 is standard res.


Interesting that the Otachan ASIO driver from 2006 is being recommended for use with Mediamonkey. You don't comment on whether to select the upsampling options with this driver from the ASIO configuration screen. I was wondering if this would affect the sound quality. There are also other plugin options like the Kernel Streaming one which aren't mentioned.


I currently use the Otachan plugin, but if I set the resampling to the higher rates, then I get glitches in the playback. Is this because my laptop cannot handle the conversion on the fly?


Good work!




There are 2 types of people in this world - those who understand binary and those who don't.

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