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Right up front I concede to being the most ignorant poster on this forum and I'll never be an audiophile. However, I do like music. I really enjoy the endless variety of internet radio. All of the music that I own is cool too but, something fresh is always welcome.


Is it possible to find a 2 channel amp with an integrated dac and a pair of speakers (preferably bookshelf) and get out the door for around 1k? Would this buy only junk? Or is it possible that this will buy 98% of what I need and that the next 2% will cost me 10k?


I need a setup for a 30 x 20 room. I really, really tried to educate myself to some degree but, after reading till my eyeballs bled, I am just as confused. While I have great respect for excellence in things, I, personally, have decided that I do not wish to become a sound engineer.


If someone could kindly give me some recommendations as to what I should buy given my low budget, I would be grateful. Also, if it is the case that 1k will not get me out of the junk department, please tell me that too, and I'll wait until I can afford better to make a purchase.


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Take a look at the Peachtree Decco 2 ($799) and a pair of PSB Alpha's ($279/pr). You have a pretty large listening room, so I wouldn't expect ear-shattering loudness. But it will be accurate and flexible enough to grow with.


Auralic Aries/Devialet 200/Analysis Plus Oval 9/Harbeth M30.1

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I know this is not exactly what you described, but I just set up a bedroom system using the following with a Macbook:


Audioengine A5 powered bookshelf speaker ($450)

Beresford TC7520 DAC ($300)

Sanus Basic Foundation stands ($50)


A very nice system for the price. Not sure it would work in larger room but it's great in our 12x15 bedroom. I think it would be hard to beat at your budget. Definitely not junk.


Add decent cables and you're still under $1000. See links below. Hope this helps.






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Thanks for the direction. I've decided to spend more money and get the Peachtree Audio Nova. I' really appreciate some speaker recommendations in the $500- $600.00 ish range. A sales guy recommended the KEF iQ30.

Also, in the worst recession in my lifetime, I don't want to pay full retail. The one place I called, had zero desire to offer any discount. Any retailers willing to bargain a bit? Thanks.


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