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Pre-unibody MBP service manual

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MBP service manual, dated 20 Feb 2006



I used it for installing an SSD, and while I was at it, removing that pesky little auto-sleep magnet. My late 2007 MBP internals are slightly different than the manual's, esp. re: the magnet, but close enough to figure out. Closed flat, running SSD quiet, and powered by battery makes the MBP a sexy little solid state server.


BTW, these older MBPs can take up to 6gb (2+4) of RAM, but you give up a percentage point or two in the Memory and Stream scores using Geekbench 2.1, due, I believe, to the loss of the dual channel memory functionality, which requires two RAM sticks of the same size. I don't know what Amarra values more, a 2gb greater RAM pool (over 4gb) or a point or two of Stream performance. Anybody have an idea?




PS Thanks for the contributions to this site. What a resource!


AC conditioning: 2x Cinepro Powerpro10 balanced power transformers[br]Source > MonarchyDIP2496 > TacT2.2x(w/mods) > LavryDA11 > Bryston4B-ST > GradientHelsinki1.5[br]Sources: MBP3,1/10.5.8(w/160gbSSD,6gbRAM) - iMac9,1/10.6.2(w/8gbRAM) - RokuHD - LGbh200[br]S/W: Playback- Amarra-mini, Pure Music; Ripping- XLD

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