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Another iTunes 7.5 bug detected...


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This is one that might escape anyone who doesn't play back the music CD (not the downloaded files, but the CD itself) on the computer. And it's a software bug I've been aware of for several days. At first I wasn't sure if I had found a problem with my new iMac that arrived here the day before Thanksgiving, but I've confirmed this bug by replicating the problem on two older computers, a flat panel G4 iMac and a Mini. Both of these also have iTunes 7.5 on them.


Here's what happens. After you've inserted a music CD into your computer's drive and the track and album's name have been downloaded, the music will start playing as it should. When a track ends and it's time to move onto the next one, nothing happens; the little contents window shows no progress. When you try to correct this you get the spinning wheel and the software freezes. The only way to extricate yourself from this is a Force Quit. Sometimes the software will play 2 or 3 tracks before it freezes, sometimes only 1. I've been able to duplicate the issue with several CDs to ensure that the the discs had not developed a unique problem of their own. I've forwarded the incidents to Apple each time it has occurred.




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