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Hi there all, I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the M2Tech

will automatically detect and pass through unscathed, files of different sample rates.

I am presently using a M-Audio Transit but John (in a different post) suggests it won't

and will need manually setting to the matching frequency rate every time my player is

asked to play a different file. ie Playlist with 16bit 44.1 and 24 bit 96 playing consecutively.

Thoughts advise and help always gratefully received.






Asus Eeebox EB1501 > HiFace > MF Vdac > Naim NAC102/NAP180 > Castle Howard

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I beilive all it does is passing through whatever signal it receives (see the FAQ on their website). I have been using it with JRiver Jukebox, I tested outputting different sampling rates and my DAC showed correct sampling rates every time.





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