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Itunes on Mac vs. Pc


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Hi Everyone


I had a question to which I have been unable to obtain a reliable answer.

I have read that while Itune provides bit perfect playback on the Mac, it may not be so on the PC platform. Is this still true and if so, it is a hardware compatibility issue or in the version of the software?


Also, is it an issue of playback or does it create issues in ripping as well? This concerns me because I generally run Windows 7 on my PC using bootcamp (for compatibility issues with local sites etc.) and have been burning my CDs on Itunes PC version. Would I have to re-rip my Apple lossless files from the original CDs (I really hope not) to get bit perfect copies or can I simply use the ones I already ripped and play them from the Itunes Mac version?


Thanks for any info you might have!


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iTunes can be bit perfect on a PC but it's not guaranteed. You have to run the audio through layers of the operating system and it's really an ugly solution. I would never use iTunes on a PC for bit perfect playback. The problem is iTunes software as it doesn't allow one to select an audio interface and take exclusive control of the hardware.


iTunes on a PC as a ripper is a different story. Ripping is the exact same on a Mac with iTunes. Neither provide feedback about ripping errors and neither use an online database to compare the rips with others. If you are satisfied with the rips then everything is OK. The files will play on a Mac with iTunes without issues.


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Thank you Chris - not only for this information but for mentoring me though this new area with your informative site.

It is funny how in dealing with audio I seem to be becoming more and more concerned about getting every last bit of sound out of the medium, even when I am probably not sophisticated enough to hear a difference...

But for me, the process of setting all this up, as frustrating as it can be, seems to be part of the fun.


Thanks again!


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