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External CD Drive


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As I now have to rip a lot of CD to FLAC if I am to go with a computer as my main audio source.


The drive in my laptop works OK but is slow, the disk reading takes 18 mins and the encoding takes 3 mins! I need a faster CD drive!


I was thinking about getting an external USB CD drive. Does anyone have an experience here with these and the level of performance I might expect?


Regards,[br]Steve W[br]http://www.steveww.org/[br]Linux MPD (silent PC) -> MF V-Link II -> Benchmark HDR -> Hypex UcD400 x 2 (mono) -> Heybrook Sextet

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Hi Steve - I use external disc drives frequently. I highly recommend using an external housing with several different interfaces and putting a regular internal disc drive into the housing. I do this and love it. I now have the option to use USB. FireWire 800, and eSATA. The speed is great and I can use a quality internal disc drive instead of the limited external choices.


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