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Massive problem after creating second iTunes library


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So I finally decided to create a second library where I placed my aac rips for my iPods. Everything seemed fine.

When I restarted iTunes for the first time after that procedure I held down the option key to pull up the "choose library" dialog box. This is where the problems start. It just directed me to the root of my external HD where my library is held. I thought a dialog box or something would come up letting me choose between my newly created "IPOD LIBRARY" and my regular library. No such luck so I just pointed to the main iTunes folder and iTunes started to launch but with an "updating iTunes" box and it started doing its thing(Why? I have no idea). Keep in mind I have 5000 or so albums in my library. In the background I noticed at the bottom of the interface that it is showing WAY less albums, etc. than I know I have. I didn't want to do a force quit or anything while it was updating because I thought I might corrupt everything. What it did was load an old .xml file from 10 months ago so anything I've imported since last April is not loading into my library. I've tried to restart and choose a newer .xml file in hopes of it being the correct one but what it's loading IS the newest file. What the hell happened? Why would it load an .xml file from 10 months ago? I don't want to lose the countless hours I've spent inserting all sorts of custom tags and groups and such.


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There are 5 or 6 old xml files and going by the dates that are associated with each one the one from April 2009 is the newest. The others are even older. Maybe I'll open iTunes with each one to see if one is somehow my most recent library. I've searched both my external HD and my Mac Mini's internal HD to no avail.


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