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Is J.River WASAPI incompatible with Benchmark DAC1?

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I’ve just made my first trial download of J.River Media Center, and I’m trying to play WASAPI on my new Lenovo T500 laptop / Win7 Ult. 64bit / Benchmark DAC1 USB.


I get no sound and the following error message:


"Playback could not be started on the output ‘Windows Audio Sessions API (WASAPI)’ […] This output format may not be supported by your hardware. You can use DSP Studio to change the output to a compatible format.”


I get a similar error message when trying to play ASIO. Only’ Wave Out’ and ‘Direct Sound’ works.


Even though I do consider myself an audio nut (Classé amp, modded JBL speakers, PS Audio Power Plant Premier) I’ve been using Windows Media Player on WinXP till now. Playing JMR in the default Wave Out-mode, I can’t really make my mind up about the tiny audio difference to Windows Media Player (if any). But I wanted to try JMR for the WASAPI option.


Thank you for your help




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It worked. Thank you, Chris!


Do you (or other readers) have tips to add about getting the best audiophile experience from J. River?


In 'Playback Options' I have to pick settings for 'Track Change', 'Stop & Seek' and 'Alternate Mode Settings'. Do these settings influence the sound?


In 'DSP' / 'Output Format' I take it, I have to set 'Overflow Handling' to 'None'. But there are SO many settings and so little audiophile advice.





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You might want to adjust and test the settings for the buffer time. I have found that as the resolution increases the buffer time must be decreased to get smooth hiccup free playback. In other words, a 16 bit/44.1 KHz song might playback just fine with a buffer setting of 1.5 seconds but a 24 bit/192 KHz would drop out quite a bit. I run my buffer at maybe .25 seconds and am getting just about hardly ever, not very often hiccups. It still happens occasionally but not very often any more, usually when I am asking the computer to play back a hi rez song and I try to do some adjusting at the same time. Experiment and you will get a feel for how it can affect playback.




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