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CD Drive for Ripping


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I have a early 2008 MacPro and recently noticed the Superdrive is having trouble reading the odd disk. This is now becoming more common. I can hear it making noises for about 15-20 seconds then it just automatically ejects the disc.


So today I dug out an old firewire Lacie drive and tried two of the problem discs. Both loaded fine. From this I’m guessing the Superdrive ( OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7170A ) is on its way out?


I have Applecare so may be able to have it replaced but if not or I need to send it away I think I might just purchase a replacement.


Does anyone have any recommendations?

The optical connector is PATA.




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Hi, Funny enough the Pioneer was the one I was looking at earlier.


Wasn’t sure if there are others out there that are well thought of for ripping purposes? Do some produce less jitter for example and if so does this even matter for ripping?


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Jitter is a timing issue that occurs during playback. So long as you are importing (hopefully ALAC or better) using error correction (see Preferences > General > Import Settings), you will get a bit-perfect reproduction of the CD. OK, if the CD is mangled, you might not be able to get bit-perfect, but otherwise (and with new CDs), it's almost always going to be bit-perfect.


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