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Apple G5 any advice regarding Possible way forward

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I have an Apple G5 with 6gb of RAM I have been using three of the freeware programs suggested on here with varying degrees of sonic success but i feel i could get a lot more out of the system


I am running Leopard 10.5.6 as mentioned on another post I have removed as many of the programs that come with the software as im only using it for music reproduction and also for downloading covers and track information, nothing more so basically this is what i have


Itunes - Cog - Vox and Play for music software


Itunes to me sounds terrible in comparison the the three programs mentioned above, Cog seems to be my favourite at the moment

I am using A beresford Caiman DAC which im running via the optical cable ( on G5 ) to my Audiolab 8000s Amplifier and then my acoustic Energy AE1 speakers, I know this system is small potatoes in comparision to many on here but its the best i can afford


I feel that im not getting the sound I anticipated I could be getting from this system, in a Nut shell I have a Meridian cd player and that sounds infinitely better than the set up of G5 and DAC


iif anyone can suggest ways to improve what im getting in a relatively cost effective manner id appreciate it I was thinking of using the USB output as a Test and ive heard about a little SP dif gizmo which may improve it


anyway over to whoever wants to chip in




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