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Passionato available in US

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Passionato seems to be available in the US as of, I think, yesterday. They offer the widest choice of record companies I've seen, with a goodly number of FLAC downloads.


One caveat: I could not download from Passionato via Safari on my Mac; switching to Firefox for the download cycle worked as it should.




Qobuz via Aurender N10 > Devialet Expert Pro > Audio Physic Avantera


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I downloaded Haydn's Creation Mass from this site yesterday and can report that the sales experience was near-perfect and the music is fabulous! My only caveat on the sales experience is that the download manager detects your default music libary and puts the download in a passionato subfolder. The files are easily moved, but I would prefer the option of defiing the download location. The download manager is multi-threaded and very fast. The music is on the Chandos label and Passionato is currently offering 25% off several titles from that label. The recording and performance are very good even at redbook def.


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