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Which metadata management software?


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EAC for ripping.

dbpoweramp for converting and evaluation of replaygain values.

MP3TAG for all (other) metadata.


@ted_b: I record my SACDs using a modified Pioneer DV-989AVi player (see audiopraise.com) and capturing a 24bit/88kHz SPDIF signal via Lynx AES16 and Samplitude 11.


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No I haven't modded the Cary. I just leave the xlr output plugged into an Alesis Masterlink and record 24/96. It will get the hi rez stuff onto the computer for convenience, and really sounds pretty good, but I still have to spin SACD's for critical listening.


Does Mp3tag work with AIFF? It doesn't list that file type on their website.


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or WAVPack with it, then convert to AIFF (although lately I am going WAV instead of AIFF for sonic reasons,. but metadata support is of course problematic. I have posts in other threads about remedying that, though).


In what way is the Masterlink grabbing your SACD data without a mod? My interpretation is that it's not, it's grabbing the redbook layer and then even upconverting to 24/96. Not hirez, and no offense but that's not anywhere near SACD recording/ripping. Am I missing something?


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