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I-Tune Versions


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By way of introduction, I am fairly new to computer audio, but have been an audiophile for well over 30 years. One thing I have noticed that no one seems to address is the sound of the various releases of I-Tunes. For the past year I have been experimenting with various configurations in my system, but one of the most striking differences I have heard are the versions of I-Tunes. I have downloaded all of the various versions of I-Tunes, but have settled on 8.6.2 as the one to have on my Mac Mini. Has anyone else compared the various releases? What is your favorite? The problem is that eventually we will all have to go to Snow Leopard, which will not support 8.6.2. BTW, I have not tried 9.0.3 yet but plan to in the near future.





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