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Tiring listening experience since new DAC

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Folks that work at home and make stuff can do a good job. I bought a few silver power cords from a guy in Houston (?) I think fifteen or twenty years ago. But my dealer, let me borrow a pair first so I was convinced they really worked first. Thanks for the recommendation. JD


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Clay, I was referring to the basic functionality, not the full-fledged feature set some users may need or go after. Even a good UPS with the double-conversion technology still has THD around 2-3%. But the sine wave created by such UPS is pure, not simulated, and the separation from the electrical power grid (network) could be further enhanced by using a galvanic separation feed (with transformer). This way I guess you may eliminate the need for fancy filters, but I am not a big expert on this, mind you! :-)


I will go for the battery power that I have talked about, let's see what's the damage :-)




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Ok, I replaced my DAC for the third time, finally the fatiging part of the sound went away as well. This time I got the Headroom Ultra DAC and although not yet broken in, the fatigue has disappeared. This one uses the ESS DAC. But whatever, the high frequency hash or distortion went away. I am still using a cheapo USB connector and haven't changed the power conditioning. But I am glad the problem is gone, because, it was very annoying. JD


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