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I figured out how to get soundflower to work at 88,176 and 192 sample rates...and what I want in a OSX music player

Nyal Mellor

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So for a long time I have been annoyed that audio re-routing applications such as Jack OSX and Soundflowerbed could not pass through sample rates of 88,176 and 192.


These applications basically take the output of one application in Mac OSX and send it to another application. They allow for example, iTunes to be routed through a parametric EQ or room correction DSP plugin before being send out to an external DAC.


For a while I have had these DSP plugins in my system, but I always had to turn them off when playing 192 or 176 material (e.g. HRx). That's because these apps don't support these higher sample rates out of the box. Infact Jack only supports 44.1, which is pretty useless for us modern hi-rez folk. At least soundflowerbed supports 44.1, 48 and 96.


What I had to do was modify the soundflowerbed info.plist file. Luckily some forward thinking coder had included sample rates as a variable that could be configured outside of the code base. So it was a case of finding the identifying the relevant plist file, adding in the new sample rates, saving it and then rebuilding the plist cache. Luckily someone had done something similar to change the number of channels so I could basically copy what they had done http://log.hugoschotman.com/hugo/2005/04/how_to_add_or_c.html


So now I have an audio rerouting application that supports every useful sample rate between 44.1 and 192 and I can keep my DSP running no matter what sample rate I am playing.


I would really like though for someone to build a good sounding, not iTunes bloatware music player that has a iPhone application for control, takes AU or VST plugins and does automatic sample rate changing. For that I would pay a couple of hundred dollars at least. Are you listening Sonic Studio, PureVinyl, Audiofile Engineering!!




Nyal Mellor, Acoustic Frontiers LLC.

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