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Lynx AES16 - AC3/DTS Pass Through - Windows 7

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good day,


i know there are a lot of users on this board, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to offer some assistance. Does anyone know definitively if the Lynx AES16 PCI card will pass through AC3/DTS for Dolby digital and DTS surround sound playback?


The Juli@ sound card specifically states the following on the information age:

Juli@'s optical and digital outputs allow AC3/DTS pass through for Dolby digital and DTS surround sound playback.


When I called the tech guys at Lynx, they said the AES16 would do so in XP, but they were not certain about Vista or Windows 7. Can anyone confirm if this is possible or not?


Many thanks,




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I had vista up with cyberlink and my lynx l22. I was trying out bluray and dd an dts master audio. I could see in the mixer that all the channels were active, but being a two channel analog card I could only here the two channels. If you set windows to different sample rates it will sample rate convert. I picked 192 and let it go. Now it's up to you if you think it's pass through, but that might be the same with any card as it's a windows thing. I guess I could try the spdif with different sample rates and see what it does, but I bet it will go to work on it. Ps the windows up sample is pretty go IMO.


Jesus R



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hey Jesus... thanks for the note. i'm just getting started with a PC-based front end so am really green in these matters. what i'm trying to accomplish is to send the signal from my PC to one of two places using a breakout cable on the AES16 with two cables. one cable will goto my DAC for my 2-channel system, the other will goto my home theater pre/pro for watching movies. i want to make sure that the signal that's passed through to my theater pre/pro will allow for for Dolby digital and DTS surround sound playback. the techs at Lynx said no problem for XP, but thought this was not possible for Windows 7...


i'm hoping for better news.


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I have been trying things out this afternoon and don't have much good to say. I could not get my l22 to output 5.1 to my processor with sdpif in Vista. In fact the more things I try the better the on board outputs look to me. Those outputs are meant to work and do. The hdmi is great, but also a pain to set up the first time. I guess I would say to use the card for audio and on board analog outputs set to 24/192 for video.


Jesus R



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the techs at Lynx said no problem for XP, but thought this was not possible for Windows 7...


It should ...

If Vista/W7 recognizes a DTS encoded stream, it will not resample or anything so DTS doesn't get molested.


Be careful how you test this, which actually should be "live" playing a movie with DTS sound. I mean, if you'd play DTS material through XXHighEnd (WASAPI/Engine#3) it will just work, but now this is because the player uses the card exclusively (read : no resampling or anything will take place), something which a movie player won't do.


I would also use DTS to test it, and not AC3, because AC3 easily can be decoded somewhere in front of (or in) the soundcard, while DTS will not (or otherwise you will sure know it, because it will be a special feature and a setting).


Hope this helps a bit,



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inspired by my buddy Peter I desided to continue my research (or shall I say guess work) and I took another look at it. In Windows 'Sounds' I set the L22 Speaker 1 output to 6 speakers and 24/96 (you have to pick something) Since a dvd is 24/48 I will know if it's being upsampled if I see 24/96 in the display of my processor. In the Lynx mixer I can see that all the channels have a corresponding output. The trick is to mix them all into the digital output of the card. This is pretty easy just add play 1L, 2L, 4L, and 5L to the left channel of the digital out and play 1R, 2R, 4R, and 5R to the right channel of the digital out. This should give you the 5.1 output. In Cyberlink I set the audio output to follow the Windows settings and you get 24/96 at the display of the processor. One thing missing in the audio selection in Cyberlink is a L22 spdif selection to just output to it, but that is just the way the card works. FYI I had Ton Gun with DTS playing. You will have to play around with it to see if it's what your looking for though....


Hope this helps.


Jesus R



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