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suggestions please

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Great forum and learning lots! My setup - Audio research sp9 pre, ead 7000 dac,

sonic frontier sf80 tube amp and bryston 4b running nht 3.3 speakers. Old school set up eh! Tried my dell laptop running a mds music box from usb, then a optical cable to the ead dac. Sounds great. I know the mds box is for recording LPs to digital but seems to work well. My next thing is to try a dacmagic and see if its better than my old ead dac.

Think it will be an improvement?

Would using a M2 hiface to the ead be a big improvement over the ultra cheap mds music box and would it be recommended to use a hiface before the dacmagic for lower

jitter? Being out of the hobby for 15 years I'm finding it all really interesting.

More questions to come.




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