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Classic Hits - Blast from the Past

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I am hoping this is sufficiently different from other threads to interest people.


Perhaps you have experienced that sinking feeling of playing great hits from our past only to find them non-listenable. Most of The Stones, for me, immediately comes to mind. 


Note: There are heaps of past hits that sound terrible; still great hits in their own right. We want 'classic hits' (let's just say most of us would have heard) from the past (say more than 10 years old) that must impress you as having *great SQ* for the day and *still* sound great today. They don't have to be "audiophile reference" standard, just sound great.They are out there and can sound better than many modern recordings.The aim is to find gems.


Covers are welcomed if you think they are exceptional (and could be recorded today so long as the original was more than 10 years old).


I am confident we all have our favorites. I have kicked things off - and I have picked some songs from (off-topic) suggestions made in other threads (where I got the idea for this new dedicated thread).



Edit: Feel free to "Upvote" (click on that little up arrow at the  bottom of the post). To work in the future, this will require *one* song per post.


Fever – Elvis Presley – recommended by myself.

Rrecorded as part of the RCA “Elvis is back” sessions when Elvis was discharged from the army. Recorded to 3 track, one track dedicated to his voice.


Studio Session for RCA, April 3-5, 1960




Studio :

RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee


Producer :

Steve Sholes/Chet Atkins


Engineer :

Bill Porter

You can hear the reverb, but still a worthy playlist contender.



For those that are Peggy Lee Fever Fans:




He Needs me - Nina Simone – From her debut album "Little Girl Blue" 1957, Ryan Smith-remastered SACD 2015 – Recommended by Alex Crespi




Love in Vain – The Rolling Stones - Stripped Album 1995 – Recommended by Jud.

Album includes some acoustic versions of previous hits.



American Woman - The Guess Who - Recommended by Peter St


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