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ripping to i-tunes


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I am using the ripping methodology set forth in the CA Academy. I am ripping using dBpoweramp with an archive copy to an external drive in FLAC and a second rip in AIFF to be played through i-tunes. I am on a PC running System 7. The rips are ok but I can't figure out how to save the AIFF copy in the i-tunes directory or to give i-tunes access to the file. It is important that I rip to i-tunes because I am using AppleTv to play the ripped cd's through my main system. I am very happy with the use of the AppleTv and i-tunes when I ripped directly in i-tunes but I want to take advantage of the one step rip of the archival copy to an external drive and make use of some of the other features in dBpoweramp. I would appreciate any thoughts as to how to make this work.



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We followed the instuctions including the "Automatically Add To iTunes" but the rips didn't appear in the iTunes directory. We are ripping on a System 7 PC and running iTunes on the PC. The instuctions don't really cover iTunes on a PC. Regardless, we tried lots of different iTunes files as the location for the rip but either got nothing or got incomplete rips with lots of problems (only 2 of 14 songs appeared and they were missing tracks so the sound was distorted). I am sure we are missing a step or steps when selecting a target file for the AIFF rips. As I indicated before, the archival rips using FLAC to an external USB drive are perfect. Any help would be appreciated. Your CA Academy write up on CD ripping strategy and methodology is excellent.



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