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Need recs -Easy Vinyl ripping solution for Mac


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I am looking for a primer on easy vinyl ripping on a Mac specifically Macbook. Can someone point me to one that has specific suggestions for entry level then one step up on fidelity?


Not sure if there is a device which uses toslink to input the signal from phono preamp or if there are alternative methods. I know there is firewire. I plan to use itunes as my playback engine and to move to my ipods for portable listening.


Need recs on easy to use software, the a/d interface, and what is needed to hook up the analog portion. I have Benchmark dac1 that I will use to playback. Price range is low and hardware that seems interesting, but I have no idea on how to hook it up is Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 dsp, M-Audio Profire 610 and I am sure there are lots more with prices north of there.


thanks for your help.


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If you are using a Mac, you can use Garage Band, which is included for free with OS X. This is the junior version of Logic, which is an excellent studio recording program (invented by the Germans and acquired by Apple a few years ago). The important thing when transcribing vinyl is to ensure you are using a high quality turntable, a very good cartridge (I personally like Grado, and also Ortofon). Ensure the tone arm is correctly set and that your vinyl is clean. Another personal preference is to use an external phono preamp, and then feed the output of that phono preamp into a good Analog to Digital recording interface. I see thousands of vinyl transcriptions in which great care was taken to get the front half of the equation right, but then a cheap $150 analog to digital recording interface was used ... Just remember garbage in, garbage out.


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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thanks for the suggestions Sanjay. I plan to use a Sonograph (old Conrad Johnson AR type) table and arm which is all I have at the moment. I have it fitted with a decent AudioQuest 400 moving coil cartridge and am quite familiar with alignment so I should be good there. I plan to use Hagerman's little hornet? (whatever his entry pre model is). Then not sure of the interface or how to hook it up. I remember years ago at RMAF, I think the guy behind Pure Vinyl was using some RCA to XLR adapters into a Focusrite Pre then into a Mac.


I like your suggestion of Garageband to get started. Hopefully I can spring for a decent a/d interface once I am sure of what to do.




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Call me lazy, but I just use an Alesis Masterlink. Plug any source into it, rca or xlr, and hit record for up to 24/96 recorded to it's internal hard drive. Burn to a cd-r and you get your choice of redbook output or a computer formatted disc with aiff files.


There are cheaper solutions that require kludging parts and/or using the D/A in a computer. There are better sounding options but they cost more money. I think the Masterlink is the best bang for the buck solution balancing simplicity, sound quality and cost especially because they are quite easy to get used at very deep discounts.


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