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Recording whilst using external DAC

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Hi....having attempted and failed at various other forums, this must surely be the one that can help?

Like many of you's I listen to my music via a usb DAC but I wonder.....much as you love listening, do none of you ever feel the need to record something?

As I like to fuff around making computer based music, then I'm constantly looking online, or within my own files, for something to capture/sample but..........

When a DAC (or any other audio device such as soundcard) is connected to the usb of my pc then windows will recognise it, switch audio output to it..........and, in the process, cut the audio input


So....With no DAC connected....I'm recording, using any recording software.....I'm listening through headphones, connected to the horrible wee green hole....and I can see the waveform being recorded.

I connect the DAC.....the headphones cut out of course.....but the waveform instantly disappears also.....because the signal to the recorders `Stereo Mix` or `What you hear` input has been cut.

Currently I have to perform this toggling between headphones and DAC in order to first monitor any recording and then monitor the result....an annoying nonsense surely?

Am I missing a trick please??

Using Windows 7 but I've tried XP and Vista with exactly the same result.



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