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Peter J

(SOLD) Hypex Ncore Monoblocks

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Hypex Ncore Monoblocks

Many will know what these are, but for those who don’t:

 Hypex Ncore NC400 amplifier modules

Hypex SMPS600N400 power supply

Ghent Audio cases

Homebrew stands/bases

 These came into a near fever pitch popularity a few years ago and were heralded as a reference quality class D amplifier. Many manufacturers currently use Hypex modules in their sometimes spendy class D amp offerings. Rather than go into adjective slinging depth here which I'm not great at, may I suggest a Google search will net you hours of reading. Reviewed by several, they can say it better than me.

I gathered the pieces and assembled these myself. I'm a detail nut so I made every effort to cover all the bases during the build process. Completed in January of 2016. Besides what came in the kit from Ghent, I added DH Labs silver plated wire from amp modules to speaker terminals. The GhentAudio cases are the nicest and best thought out I found for the Ncores.  I should add that I'm pretty fussy about audio gear and if there's a mark on these amps, it's escaping me. If it weren't for my constant desire to try new-to-me audio gear, I could happily live with these long term.

Last year I built the GR Research X-Oticas and made the bases for the amps to match those. They have a sealed “damping chamber” in upper platform filled with silica sand and lead shot. Threaded inserts in lower base if you like the idea of spikes rather than the spheres shown. If you're interested you can see my blog for that build here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=139529.0 

Yours for $1350. I’ll pack these separately as if they were headed for battle. Depending where you are in the conus, I imagine shipping will run around $70-80 for all. I have solid feedback on Agon, Ebay, and some transactions on Audiocircle, which is kinda my haunt. I know it's an old and often hollow saying, but you can trust I treat transactions like this as if there were a promise...and I keep promises...really.

Questions? Concerns? PM me. If you’d like to talk directly I’m happy to call you.

P1050146 75%.jpg

P1050151 75%.jpg

P1050152 75%.jpg

P1050157 75%.jpg

P1050158 75%.jpg

P1050163 75%.jpg

P1050164 75%.jpg

P1050168 75%.jpg

P1050189 75%.jpg

P1050191 75%.jpg

P1050193 75%.jpg

P1050195 75%.jpg

P1050197 75%.jpg

P1000888 75%.jpg

Silver box with blue light > smaller silver box with tiny lights > black box with blue display > black and silver box with glowing glass > reddish brown boxes > living room

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