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RazorLame 1.1.5/LAME 3.98.2 comparison to dBpoweramp Music Converter


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I am new to dBpowerAmp, and I've been using RazorLame/LAME for years. I just installed the latest version of dBpoweramp today (both apps using LAME 3.98.2). Out of curiosity I took a stereo WAV file, and made two separate MP3s using the two apps mentioned. Then I took both mp3 files into EncSpot Pro. While reading the LAME header on both files using EncSpot, the quality value for the dBpowerAmp file was "58" and the file generated using RazorLame was "60". They were sonically equivalent according to my ears, and all other properties matched identically. Understand that by no means am I drawing a conclusion about one being better than the other based on these findings. However, I would like to attempt to get them to match (60/60). Since I'm new to dBpowerAmp I'm wondering if there is a setting I'm missing.


Within Razor Lame, the settings I used were -b 320 -m s -h -q 0, optimization: quality, stereo mode and constant bit rate.


Within dBpoweramp the settings I used were CBR, 320 kbps, Slow encoding, frequency "as source", channels "2 forced stereo (CD)".


I'm guessing that since I can set the q value to 0 in RazorLame, and only chose "Slow encoding" in dBPoweramp, that this might be the difference. I have found that most apps use a q value of 2 on their "best" setting but I'm not sure if that is the case here.


I've also got Adobe Audition 3.0.1, but I've not been able to find good documentation for it so I've been "self taught over the years". If anyone is familiar with comparing the quality of two audio files using that I would welcome any instruction you'd be willing to give.





AudioWav[br]Custom built AMD Quad Core >> 5 GB RAM >> Creative XFI >> built around Adobe Audition 3.01 and several other software titles for archiving/editing/cleaning/creating music.

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