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Slim HTPC Case That Can Handle ATX MoBo and 2 PCI Cards...

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Greetings all,


I’m presently building a music server - converting a spare PC to replace my AppleTV - and have got everything pretty well sorted, save a nice looking case. Since the unit will be with my audio gear, I don't really want something that looks like a computer - leaning more towards the AV look. There are lots of great looking slim cases out there, such as the HDPlex line, but they either can’t hold an ATX board or can’t hold 2 PCI cards. I'm having a hard time finding a solution that is not full height (6" - 7" tall) that can be used with an ATX main board and 2 PCI cards.


Seems like all the ATX cases are either full height or can only support one PCI card... are there any slim ATX cases that can do two PCI cards?? if you're aware of anything, I’d appreciate hearing from you!!





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hi bordin,


thanks for the reply... the shuttle systems look really interesting, but my situation is such that i've already got a system that i'm trying to turn into a server - built on an ATX size main board. so, i'm looking for a case that can accommodate those larger boards and 2 PCI cards, without being overly large.




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