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Article: Introducing The Sonore Signature Rendu SE

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16 hours ago, stevebythebay said:

Likely didn't sell vey well, given how expensive it was compared not only to the microRendu it was supporting, but less costly, though fine alternatives, like the Uptone Ultracap LPS-1 .  I'm using it with a second microRendu in my second system.  I've never heard of anyone doing a straight up comparison of the Signature and Uptone.  I might have done so in the past (still have one lying about), but at that point I had each microRendu in play.  

When the microRendu launched we were concerned that there was going to be a shortage of high end power supplies. As such, we decided to make our own for our most demanding customers, for shows, and for reviews. Understand that the development of the microRendu proceeded the development Uptone Audio LPS-1 power supply by a few months. Now that all these circumstances have been sorted out we can get back to our master plan of providing an all in one unit that continues the original Signature Rendu series that had SPDIF and i2s output.     

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17 hours ago, stevebythebay said:

Nice to bring all of this together in one box.  I've been real pleased with the microRendu (soon to be upgraded to 1.4) with the Sonore Signature.  Certainly would be even better to have this solution.  But I'm guessing Sonore would not be too keen on allowing me to send in my "old" products (microRendu and Signature LPS) for this baby.


Still wondering when Chris will review the dCS gear that seems to be "hanging around" his system (based on all the recent reviews).  

There is an offer planned for existing Sonore customers. I'll share the details here soon.

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