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Shall I Get A Mac Mini?


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Hello again folks, its been a while.


Now, I'm getting a new machine soon. I have had 3 quotes for a PC from a local shop i have always planned to get my PC from.


However, a couple of people on another forum have advised me to just get a mac and have done. And the mini is the best i can afford (tho i would get the top spec to avoid getting the bug...).


Each PC quote includes a monitor and optical out from the mobo, plus a graphics card with dvi and a connection for my tv should i ever need to use it (and i think i will at least want ro experiment with the remote with media centre via the tv).


The Mac, without monitor (i would get a PC one or keep mine, tho someone wants to buy my PC) and before i consider a warranty would cost me all my budget, pretty much, but then so are the kind of PCs im looking at.


Maybe its overly romantic, but my idea of the mac is kind of like my speakers; you plug it in, plug the speakers in, and things work.


Thing is, it seems you must live near a mac tech to get them to coem out to you. otherwise, if i have a problem, i would need to send it to them or drive it to my nearest store, at least 40 miles away. This worries me, when id pay around £165 for that warranty and, despite some of their faults, Dell handled a hardware failure pretty well for me a little while ago with my current desktop.


Sorry its all a bit of a ramble. Anyway, you can tell im very tempted, so any opinions, comments, questions are most welcome.




Panasonic PXP 42 V20; Panasonic DMP BD35; Sky+ HD Box. [br]Optical out from Asus P7H55-M into AVI ADM 9.1 speakers. [br]\"Music will provide the light you cannot resist\"[br]

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