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ADC and DAC again

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I'm trying to figure out exactly what DAC I'm using where and if I'm using the ADC processing, etc. I have a Denon 2809ci as my amp/receiver/dac whatever you want to call it.


I have a cheap Sony CD player using the analog outputs into the 2809ci. What I'm guessing is going on is I'm doing a DAC on the CD player inself sending that to the receiver to get amplified and played back. No additional ADC or DAC? (I have all DSP, etc turned off on the receiver).


If I choose to use the CD Players digital out, then I'd send the digital signal to the receiver that would then do a DAC get amplified then played back, correct? Does an ADC ever happen, except during recording?


I get confused as to what device is doing the DAC, etc. I think that when I come from analog out that signal has already gone through the DAC process. When I do digital out then my digital input device is doing the DAC. Am I correct? When you look at the specs for the Denon 2809ci I see lots of info regarding the ADC and DAC components used. Just not 100% sure what is used when. Thanks for any info you guys can give.




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The tricky part is that it depends on the receiver. For any of the simulated multi channel like DTS NEO, Dolby etc. the analog input is converted to digital so that they can apply dsp. Other receivers have digital only volume controls which means all signals are converted to digital and back in order to apply the volume. Other amps have some sort of "pass-thru" which keeps the analog inputs analog in certain modes (think stuff with the word direct in it).


If you give a digital signal to the receiver, then it will do the dac stage. Giving it an analog signal is where it gets uncertain.


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Thank you, that really pointed me in the right direction. I did some research on the stereo/direct/pure direct playback on my receiver and found out a lot of interesting information. Interesting to find out that in my case ALL base is run through the DAC analogue or digital.


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