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CablePro Revelation Power Strips Stereophile Recommended

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I bought two CablePro Revelation power strips http://www.thecablepro.com/revelation-power-strip/ but no longer need them. One of them lists for $620 and has all the bells and whistles, upgraded copper wiring, IEC gold plated inlet, noise reduction, and surge suppression. The other lists for $580 because it has everything but surge suppression. They are Stereophile recommended components and have been given high marks by reviewers of many publications.  Quality power strips are essential with high-end power cables.  These strips are also a very affordable way of extending a two outlet power conditioner. For example, you can get a 2 outlet Audience conditioner for $500 - $600 and then use one of these, rather than pay $4000 for an 8 outlet Audience conditioner. From the Dagogo review of the Audience AR1P power conditioner: "I called John McDonald of Audience to see if he could send me one of the multiple outlet units. John shocked me. He suggested I call Ted Paisley in Texas and get one of his multiple outlet boxes. He said it was what he was using. So I took one of the aR1ps and plugged the digital into it. The other aR1p ended up with the CablePro Noisetrapper Revelation II 8-outlet Power Strip plugged into it and the rest of the system plugged into the CablePro. Now, for $1,350, I had my whole system hooked up to Audience Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioners with the digital separated from everything else; what a bargain!"


The strip without surge suppression was used for about 4 months and then put away. It has expected scratches from sitting on a wood floor and from errant prongs but is in pristine working condition.Selling for 50% off at $290.


They other was never used, it somehow has a minor scratch or two on the surface. I'm unsure how they occurred. I'm selling that at a 45% discount, $340.


Both strips were bought directly from Ted Paisley at CablePro. Photos of both are below,







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