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Lynx AES16e SynchroLock


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I think you recommend that SynchroLock be left off. Can you explain further? I believe SynchroLock is supposed to reduce jitter. . .have you heard a negative impact? I clock my Lynx externally so I'm not even sure what the impact would be. . .






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Hi Bob - Wow it's been quite a while since I originally researched this one. I know that one of my colleagues talked to Lynx about this and at the time Lynx recommended it be disabled for his system. This was backed up by a couple mastering engineers familiar with the Lynx products. In addition some well know people in the pro audio industry have since tried disabling SynchroLock and noticed a sizable difference. I believe they are no longer using SynchroLock. All of this is with internal and external clocking.


Sorry I can't offer more info right now.


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