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Optane SSD as Boot drive - SQ Nirvana?

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Did a search in this topic w/ no results found, so ...


I recently acquired an i7-6700k w/ Gigabyte GA-170N-WIFI mobo that has M.2 2280 PCIe SSD capability. Plans are to replace current i5 music server w/ this version & use Optane 32gb for OS & SATA HDD for music files.


Only catch is I utilize Linux Ubuntu 16.04 OS w/ HQPlayer for music server. Takes far less space than Win10 (that I currently have as OS for my 32gb mini PC Network Audio Adapter).


Google searches seem to indicate it's doable as a UEFI only BIOS boot option. Any input/ comments on utilizing Ubuntu OS in the Optane SSD? 

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