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Need NAS Recomendations For Music Server (Non-iTunes based)

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I need to purchase a NAS that will integrate with my music server, which will be based on the forthcoming PS Audio “Bridge” device. As for the NAS itself, the most important feature, for me, will be how quiet it operates (fan less with quiet drives – as quiet as possible). The next major necessity is for the NAS to feature music server software that will be compatible with the Bridge and my FLAC files (which exempts iTunes as it won’t support FLAC).


In addition to supporting FLAC, I want the server software to be able to support up to 24/192 (or higher). It is also important to me that the server software will excel at managing, organizing and retrieving files and folders (i.e.: Genre, Artist, Album, Songs, Artwork, etc.).


I am only familiar with SqueezeCenter – but I don’t believe it will be compatible with anything other than SB devices. I am only vaguely familiar with Twonky.


The limiting factor is my budget ($400.00 “range”). I don’t need a great deal of capacity (1 – 2 TB), I don’t need a built-in ripper, and it doesn’t have to have raid (as I will back my files up with a separate hard drive).


In summary, is there a NAS on the market that is fan-less and quiet that features a great music server capable of supporting true hi-rez??


Thank you for your help with my quest.



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Not sure how you're IT skills are - but have you considered a MiniITX board (fanless Atom) running Linux - something like the Vortex box distribution (yes I know this does ripping but you don't have to).






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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some comments on what you wrote...for the nas to be compatible with the bridge it will need to be upnp compliant and it won't matter what type of file your have flac or otherwise. What matters is if the PS Audio unit can play it or not and it should play flac. It won't matter if you store 24/192 on the nas, but again if the PS Audio unit can play it or not and it should play up to 24/192. Also the nas will not have anything to do in managing and organizing your files and folders. The managing and organizing will be done by you and the ps audio will be the one retrieving the files. You need to decide if that function works for you or not.

Squeezecenter is different in that it actually streams the music to the Logitech players. The PS Audio will draw the content in for playback via the bridge and you won't need software like Squeezecenter for that.


Jesus R



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Thanks Vortecjr:


When discussing the role of a NAS in conjunction with the “Bridge” I get confused about the server software. The Bridge won't include an actual server - I'll need a NAS that incorporates a server. I know there are many different servers on the market (e.g.: Twonky, MediaMonkey, Squeezecenter, Sonos, etc). Some of these are proprietary - compatible only with their proprietary components (e.g.: SqueezeCenter/Squeezebox). From what I can tell, when it comes to NAS devices, there isn't much of a choice for server software. I have only NAS devices that embed iTunes or Twonky servers.


The PS Audio site says that any UPnP compliant NAS will work with their forthcoming Bridge. At the same site, they discuss optimal server software options (such as Twonky). This is where I get confused. I’m assuming that a UPnP compatible NAS does features a sever that communicates to other UPnP devices (i.e.: the Bridge). But, why all the talk about which server is better? If there is one server software that is better than the others for what I want (a high fidelity, no-hassle music server), then I want to know, so I can get the best server possible (within a “reasonable” budget). I am having a hard time grasping this…



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