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Multi room listening remote control?

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Hi. I am a newbie when it comes to home audio distribution etc. I am currently using a PC windows 7 Itunes through an external DAC into a 6 channel Rotel for multi room listening. My question is, how can I remotely control (wireless) my music so that I dont have to run back and forth as needed? I would like to be able to access my music files and control volume if possible. Thank you in advance for any input. Rick P.S. My Ipod is a Classic (vs. touch) and I dont use an Iphone


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Buy an inexpensive laptop (netbook perhaps)


Get remotedesktop control software for the computers (probably built into your OS's).


Or get VNC (many flavors, most free)


Control the PC with the laptop remotely.


In the alternative (with less control, less functionality) -> get an itouch or iphone and control itunes remotely.


Itouch is cheaper, smaller but less functional than a netbook


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Depends on OS, but you might have what you need if you have XP PROF or better - look under Remotedesktop


If not (or just for grins), download Tight VNC or VNC (similar products - Tight VNC has a few more options like screen resizing)


Put the SERVER on the music player laptop

Put the CLIENT on the worlds biggest remote conrtol (ie the old laptop)


You are done




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- from another computer : use tight vnc (free)


- iphone or ipod touch with remote app from apple (free)



If you do not use hires files have a look at airport express (has both analog and digital optical out (limited to 16bit /44.1kHz -- hi-res files can be sent too but are downsampled)) . I have three airport express units covering all house (controling them with the iphone 3G) . Hi res files I play through aqvox dac with the serious electronics: mac mini & DROBO - aqvox - Bedini pre & amp - BW speakers. Still vinyl rules for me : I use Nothingham audio Hyperspace with legendary Decca MM cartridge. Computer music is fine especially for back-ground music anywhere in the house.


Cheers !


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I also would recommend the Ipod touch and the remote app. for controling your Itunes. The problem of course is that you can not control your Rotel. Which is the same problem I have as I also have a new Rotel Receiver RSX-1560 (Which is great). I currently control the Itunes with the Ipod touch and the Rotel with a Harmony IR/ RF enabled 890. The RF capabilties will work from up stairs and outside. In fact it's sometimes too powerfull and I had to turn the transmit power down.


It would be nice for a product to intergrate IP (Itouch) and IR/ RF (Harmony) into one product. I have been thinking about a smart solution to intergrate the two. There are some Ip enabled boxes out there that have IR transmitters. The only problem is you loose the benefits of the Harmony database and you will have to do some custom programing with the Apple SDK. I'm going to give this some more thought with some of my software buddies to see it this is a product idea.




Mac Mini (2010) > Rotel RSX-1560 > B&W 805Di>JL Audio F112>iPad (4th gen)> iRule / Demopad

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