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From iTunes 12 on I'm having continuous problems with sorting data: albums, artists. I have stuck with 12.3.1 for a while as this versions seemed least buggy. Hoping the problem would have finally been solved with 12.4.1 I updated. My mistake, the problem is still there and I can't go back to 12.3.1.


My question is: am I the only one with this problem? I don't read much about it. I have added a few new Bowie music tracks and one video to my library and voila the result.




In previous versions, if you tried long enough remaining albums, artists, album artists, whatever, eventually maybe the album sorted OK. I now have tried everything and I'm stuck with a lot of David Bowies.


Also note Tin Machine in a strange sort order. This is because I had sorted this as Bowie, David some time ago. Changing it back to Tin Machine does nothing!



- iTunes library on external drive, ignore ownership setting

- no Apple Music


If anyone could help out with a permanent workaround (I've given up on a fix), please help!

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Every track? I don't know. I see it occasionally, and it's clearly a widespread problem, because a lot of people contact me about it.


Perhaps the files you add are already tagged, and there's something about the way they're tagged that messes things up. Next time I have a download that does that, I'll look more closely and see if I can figure it out.

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The strange thing is that I could only fix it by modifying the existing David Bowie tracks in the way you advised. I had already tried adapting the new files without success.


I have had problems with album titles too and the fixes and workarounds seem random:



If it's so widespread and common I really wonder why it isn't on Apple bug list with higher priority...

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