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Rogue Cronus and Peachtree Nova

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I am going to buy a DAC and it looks like the Peachtree Nova will be the one. I currently have a Rogue Cronus. I am wondering if I can replace the Rogue with the Nova or if I should keep both and just use the Nova as a DAC.


I know that my ears will make the finally decision but until then I was curious if anybody had heard both of these and cared to compare them as amplifiers.


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Hi mdavies.


I think you could use the Cronus and Nova together just as you propose. Use the Nova as a multi-input DAC feeding a line input on the Cronus, whose other line inputs would accept your analog sources. You could even use the Nova's amp if your speakers allow passive biamping by using the "Home Theater" bypass function on the Nova. Cronus on the HF and Nova on the LF for instance. Balancing the two amp sections might be tricky...


I don't own a Cronus, but I do own a Rogue Model 88 power amp and a Nova. I would call the Rogue a bit more "modern" tube sound (I run mine in the ultralinear mode) and the Nova's mos-fet amp leaning towards a bit softer solid state sound. So, I thing they're quite compatable sound character-wise, though the Rogue's amp will have a bit more frequency variation with speakers because of its higher output source impedance. I'd say jump in and play with it and see if you find some kind of hybrid combination that floats your boat. Just remember, DON'T operate the Cronus without a speaker load attached to it!


Have fun,




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