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DAC that auto-recognizes sampling rate

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My recollection from seeing a Weiss Minerva DAC in operation while travelling was that the user had to select whether the input was a multiple of 44 or 48kHz. Is that correct? The reason for the question is that I'd like to manage selection of music via my iPhone Remote / MonkeyTunes and need a DAC which recognizes the input sampling rate without manual intervention.





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I only had the Minerva for a week, but I never changed sample rate manually. I used Amarra and Itunes. In Itunes you have to change sample rate manually but not with the dac. The QB9 detects the sample rate as well. Probably most dacs will run automatically in the native sample rate that you send (if supported of course).

If you are in for the Minerva, then I would definitely check for the new Weiss Dac 202 (improved dac and analog stage plus analog volume control plus remote control).




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