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MP3+Cue lossless split in MAC


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Assuming there are people around with huge libraries consisting of 1 mp3 per album plus a cuesheet running mac, what softare do you recommend for lossless split of those in tracks?


I'm looking for a MAC tool that:

- does not recompress audio at splitting;

- correctly splits the files so that gapless playback in itunes is guaranteed;

- puts the artist/song info from the cue into the tags;


Your suggestions??

(no, MAX does not do this, it recompresses)


thanks in advance


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After further testing, MP3 Trimmer does not perfectly cut CBR mp3's, VBR's are even less perfect and when transfered to ipod they are not seekable (skips to next track).


There's a .JAR command line tool that works much better, PCUT MP3, seems like it should run in OSX but I haven't tried yet...


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