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An odd pair - comments welcome


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Hi all,


For my M2Tech hiface unit, I'm contemplating buying a small netbook and a 2 TB Time Capsule from Apple. The TC would be used as both a router and storage for the music library. For now, I would then hook up the netbook, experiment whether wired or wireless (which would allow for battery operation, leaving the connection to the DAC as the only galvanic connection of the netbook). If I should later end up with a Linn DS, I can still use the netbook to run a UPnP server and the TC as storage.


This seems like a good idea to me, but am I overlooking something here? I know that reliability with the TC may be an issue, but I have ample backup of my music library elsewhere. My alternative is a MacBook Pro or Mac Mini and using an external FireWire drive. This would also carry the disk failure issue as well as making the galvanic connection between the power-grid operated external drive and a MacBook Pro unavoidable.


My problem is that I really don't have anywhere to place a NAS. My wife often goes to our bedroom to read or watch TV when I want to listen to music, and I certainly don't want to do anything the jeopardize that! :-)






All best,



i5 Macbook Pro running Roon -> Uptone Etherregen -> custom-built Win10 PC serving as endpoint, with separate LPUs for mobo and a filtering digiboard (DIY) -> Audio Note DAC 5ish (a heavily modded 3.1X Bal) -> AN Kit One, heavily modded with silver wiring and Black Gates -> AN E-SPx Alnico on Townshend speaker bars. Vicoustic and GIK treatment.

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