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Meta data for classical

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Is there a how-to out there somewhere of how best to work with classical?


Problems I'm running into:

dbPoweramp puts conductor in the Artist tag so iTunes sorts by conductor. So now I have the convenience of quick switching with computer audio, but when I want to drink a single malt and spend the evening comparing 5 different Rodrigo performances, I can't find any of them!


Then there's the problem of "Various Artists" for any disc that has filler that is not from the same conducter.


Is the only solution to tag each one manually? I've searched and found lots of discussion but not seen any good solutions. Anyone seen any helpful reading on this subject?


Thanks to the more experienced in this matter.


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I hear you loud and clear about this one! It's not a classical world out there :~( You may want to read my article about ripping with the automated ripper as I talk a bit about the GD3 meta data service. It has more options for classical and extended tags that are supported by J River. It may not be the solution but it's another data point for you to have in your arsenal.


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I also have problems with classical. As a newbie to ripping and ipods, could you explain tags and metadata and their use on the ipod? If cover graphics are not important, are tags and metadata necessary when encoding. In 2010, what encoding do you recommend for Windows OS if tags are necessary or unnecessary, assuming almost unlimited storage on the ipod and music quality foremost?


Finally, how do you rip multidisc opera sets so they play and display as one performance?

Thanks for any help


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