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Metric Halo ULN-2 for $1495 - NOT!!!

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Thank you for this link Clay. Great timing because I might be the new owner of a ULN-2 here soon and was looking for any discounted items. I found the only local Metric Halo dealer who can do it for $1650 tax free but thoughts have some what changed after I had him over to my house for some listening and a chat. Although he really enjoyed the sound of my existing system he rubbed me the wrong way with his more salesman than service attitude; and has literally told me 5 seperate times he would e-mail me a quote with warranty included without doing so over the past 2 weeks. This online offer may be the deal I settle on. Thanks again Clay.


PS. Got the new Alan Maher stuff hooked up yet for the roller coaster ride? I've got 2 more Circuit Breaker Filters on the way.



I just discovered this is the 2882 without the 2D expansion card, what a tease!!! Thanks still included though. ;)


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"I just discovered this is the 2882 without the 2D expansion card, what a tease!!! Thanks still included though. ;)"


and you discovered it BEFORE I did, obviously. Quite embarassing, to say the least.


I did a search on ULN-2 and $1495, and this came up. I didn't notice that it was the 2882.



My sincere apologies,



PS, I'm got so much going on that I'm reluctant to invest the 3 weeks necessary to break-in the next batch of Alan's stuff. And I just received new speaker cables this week as well.




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David, I know a guy who contacted me about a used ULN2 he bought a few months ago at BH Photo for $1500 that he is selling. I do not know if he sold it yet. He was going to post it on Monday or Tuesday. He offered it to me last week. I decided not to get it since I had one brought in on a 30 day demo from a dealer for list price. His price was around $1200. He seemed legit, had an ebay rating, and did correspond with me via his work email address.


If you haven't heard one in your system, I'd recommend maybe you should go thru a dealer who offers a 30 day return policy in case you don't like it. Or buying used and selling without much loss could be an option too.




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