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Continued issue with PV not playing AIFF files


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As stated in a separate thread, I'm (still) unable to play AIFF files with version 2.3 - the only version of PV that runs on Tiger (OS X 10.4.11).


Has anyone experienced a similar problem and resolved it? Or does anyone have any suggestions for resolution?


As reported previously, when trying to play an AIFF file in PV, I get an error that the file is either damaged, copy protected or is not an audio file.


I've gotten this error with every AIFF file I've tried to play in PV. The same files play fine in iTunes, and Amarra, and are coded as AIFF.


Note: Lossless files play fine, as do MP3s, including "Purchased" files downloaded from iTunes. "Protected" files do not play, as indicated in the documentation.


thanks in advance,







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I have an earlier demo version of Pure Vinyl 3 that works with Tiger and may not have any 15 day restrictions. I'm not sure if this is the same version on my MacBook Pro but I have no problems playing AIFF files.


I also have no plans for uppgrading my OS from Tiger to Snow Leopard.


Try this link:






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